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Current Talent Roster: Jayson Marquis

Name: Jayson Marquis
Suggested PB: Sanjaya Malakar
Quick Desc: Slightly attractive teenager
Star Power: extra
Specialty: Action
Bad Habit: He's very, very, very annoying, and he won't stop telling you every detail of what he does as an extra.
Quirk: He's uh... rather girly- but insists he is straight. Someone should tell him to cut back on the makeup
First Appeared In: "Brothers of Fury VS Dojo of Doom"
Role: The Insectivore Ninja
Skills: Black Belt in karate, dance, kickboxing, make up artist skills
Quote: "This one time, I almost kicked an actor in the head, and they were amazed at my skills, and I didn't chip a nail!"

Jayson Marquis, represented by Amora Legal and Talent, wants to be the next big action star one day... right? He has a habit of wearing too much make up, and spending a lot of time on his hair, but he's an extra, so no big deal, right? He's been an extra in five movies- he was cut out of the scene in two of them. He was called back once for a supporting role in an action film, but didn't get the role. But, if you ask him, he's well on his way to becoming a big action star.


Current Talent Roster: Theresa Carter

Name: Theresa Carter
Suggested PB: Lindsay Korman
Quick Desc: Drop dead gorgeous wannabe starlet
Star Power: Second-String ALT
Specialty: Drama
Bad Habit: Slightly Sociopathic
Quirk: Freaks out if you get within three inches of her
First Appeared In: "Blind Ambition : Based on a blindingly true story"
Role: Blind Girl
Skills: Singing, memorizing, and mimicking. Can play one song on a piano.
Quote: "I'll get to the top, no matter what!"

Theresa Carter, represented by Amora Legal and Talent, wants to get to the top, and she doesn't care what she has to do to get up there. Fortunately, she hasn't had to step on a lot of people to get where she is today. After several commercials, and a music video, she got a role in Blind Ambition. Too bad every role that she has gotten since has been in a teen comedy. She hopes to get a role in a soap opera!


Current Talent Roster: Candice Delany

Name: Candice 'Candi' Delany
Suggested PB: Gemma Atkinson
Quick Desc: former pornstar trying to get into real acting
Star Power: half a star
Specialty: adult entertainment
Habit: tells inappropriate stories about her former work at bad times
Quirk: annoying giggle
First Appeared In: "Yummy Candi Cream"
Role: Candi, of course!
Skills: cause distraction, serendipitous luck, [censored]
Quote: "Hi! My name is Candi. You know, like the stuff you put in your mouth, but with an i!"

Candi Delany left the farm in Iowa and headed straight for the barn in her first 'film' where she played a lusty milkmaid. She's made perhaps a dozen third-rate pornos, and is getting tired of going to work in the morning to face a hard... day. How difficult can serious acting be anyhow? She's already made enough money to pay for a great rack - the rest should be easy! Right?

We admire Candy's spirit and determination to start a new life!


Name: Alexi Chaikovskaya
Suggested PB: Stanislav Ianevski
Quick Desc: Russian born wanna be action star
Star Power: newcomer
Specialty: Action
Bad Habit: relies on English proverbs which he uses incorrectly
Quirk: thick Russian accent
First Appeared In: cult 'classic' "Das Vidania Dude!".
Role: That Russian Guy
Skills: Intimidating manner, cinematic action, gun handling
Quote: "It is as they say- a bird in the hand gathers no moss."

Alexi Chaikovskaya has come all the way from Kiev to make it big in American Cinema. He would probably do a lot better if he adopted a screen name, as no one but his babushka can spell his surname. Alexi has dreams of being the next big action star, and is taking an ESL course when he's not busy acting.

He has a bad habit of mixing his metaphors, but we think it's quirky and endearing! Really..


Current Talent Roster: Rodriguez Estovan

Name:Rodriguez Estovan
Suggested PB: Diego Luna
Quick Desc: Spanish romantic type
Star Power: Second-String ALT
Specialty: Romance.
Bad Habit: Plays ALL Scenes as Romance.
Quirk: Inappropriate Flirt.
First Appeared In: "Heroes of the Spanish Main".
Role: Swashbuckler #3.
Skills: Dancing, Fencing, Fast-Talk, With Style.

Quote: "So after you enslave humanity, baby, how about you and me go out for coffee?"

Rodriguez Estovan, represented by Amora Legal and Talent, is only too happy to find work wherever he can get it, especially when there are lovely ladies involved. Unfortunately, many of the roles in which Rodriguez is cast are not romantic; whether this is a deliberate attempt to expand his range of skills or just a matter of unfortunate casting is unknown except to the Director.